Liz Aldrich, LCSW, MA, is a Chicago-based Licensed Clinical Social Worker with specialized training in the sexual health and sex therapy fields from the University of Michigan and Loyola University Chicago Medical School. Her approach to therapy is relaxed, collaborative, and respectful of each person's unique experiences and values. She helps clients gain insight, heal, and improve their lives as individuals and in their intimate relationships. In addition to sex therapy, Liz offers general therapy and is experienced in issues of grief and loss, adoption, infertility, HIV/AIDS, the LGBTQ community, and life transitions. 



25 E Washington, Suite 1806

Chicago, IL 60602

Sometimes despite our best attempts to love ourselves and our partners, we find it's not working. Issues from the past resurface (perhaps they never went away), communication stalls, illness occurs, family dynamics change, we age, we feel wronged, we get bored, and we lose our inspiration. 

Yet we want things to be better, and with some work and a supportive therapist, they can be. 

Whether you're trying to make small adjustments or dramatic changes in your life or partnership, therapy can be very beneficial and rewarding. Please explore the site to learn more about Liz's therapeutic style, experience and qualifications, and find information on appointments and fees. Visit the Useful Reading page for reliable information on mental health, relationships and sexual wellness.           Thanks for visiting.




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